The Modern Whig Party is the spearhead of a pragmatic, centrist, solutions-oriented political movement dedicated to the restoration of representative government in our nation. We believe broad citizen participation at all levels of government is necessary for our civic, political and economic lives to thrive, and we are determined to take practical, sensible action to support our fellow Americans in returning control of their government to their hands.  
Our goal is to build a viable, independent third party on the commitment to social and political service of our fellow citizens. We firmly believe that our best hope for increasing prosperity, greater security and a fuller realization of the promise our nation represents lies first and foremost in ourselves, rather than in the wealth and power of special interests willing and able to gain political and economic advantages by dividing our people instead of uniting them.  

The Modern Whig Party of Virginia has a singular mission: to offer our fellow citizens and state residents a practical and rational alternative to the ideology-driven politics of the day. Our goal is to establish sensible, responsible and ethical governance in the service of us all. We do not argue for big or small government, or for liberal or conservative ideals, but rather for efficient and effective public policy focused on the interests of The People as a whole. We propose to serve the residents of Virginia by proposing bold, effective and pragmatic solutions to the challenges we face, and we are committed to working tirelessly for their implementation.

For many, the name Whig conjures up images of the past, but we consider ourselves to be informed by history, not chained to it. While we proudly embrace the timeless virtues of our social institutions and our fundamental American political values, we firmly believe in the practical necessity of tailoring our governance to the needs of today. It is not our aim to reconstitute the past, but rather to energetically pursue a present, and a future, where government strives to efficiently provide the greatest good for the greatest number while protecting, preserving and defending the individual rights of all.

At first glance, it may seem like a tall order, but we firmly believe in our fellow citizens, and we trust our Founding Fathers had it right when they developed our system of representative government empowered by the consent of the governed. For the Modern Whig, most problems can be solved and most challenges can be overcome through the active participation of the citizenry in their own governance. Our party -- founded by veterans driven by a profound sense of service to their country -- was intended from the start to be a vehicle for public service and a means for ordinary citizens to contribute to the betterment of our society.

We believe we can indeed do better. And we think the aspirations we all share for a stronger, more prosperous and more civilized nation can best be reached through methodology, not ideology. We believe in asking the right questions and authentically seeking the best answers. We are certain our system will serve us better if more of us serve in it. We have boundless faith in the creativity, resourcefulness, and passion for excellence of our fellow Americans.